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The Real Society Socials No. 10 {Katie White}

Meet Katie. A master of mixing chinoiserie chic with thrifty finds, a hermes scarf enthusiast, and a collector of all things blue and white! We spent the day at her Upper East Side apartment- 3 bottles of wine and a cheese plate later, it was safe to say she's also the world's most warm and vivacious host AND it's a miracle not all the wine-fueled photos I took aren't crooked and blurry ;)

To supplement these gorgeous pictures of her apartment, we asked Katie to answer a few questions about her design aesthetic, lifestyle and obviously, her favorite cocktail! 

We are over the moon you chose us. Why Society Social?

I loved the fun yet sophisticated American made designs which could so easily be customized without spending a fortune!  After meeting with Roxy in her show room for my design consultation, we went through the limitless options and I knew I couldn't buy my couch from anyone else!

Katie's Elise Sofa serves as a neutral palate for lots of pillow play! Here Katie paired our SS Signature Pillows with our Navy Slub and White Stripe Pillows!

Your home is an incredible and impeccable mix of thrifted, handed down, vintage, and SS. Tell us about that!

I learned to be patient when decorating, finding things along the way that made me feel at home.  I knew I had to invest in some staple pieces, like my fabulous SS couch, but I didn’t follow any other rules when it came to decorating. I love incorporating pieces that tell a story, whether it’s the hand-me-down dining room table from your great-grandmother, an absolute bargain off of craigslist or a meaningful gift from a friend.

Most cherished possession?

My blue bar cart!  It was my first piece with chinoiserie flair, and definitely defines my decorating style.

Here at SS, we're big fans of faux bamboo! When we saw Katie's bright blue faux bamboo buffet / bar cart, we knew it was love at first sight! When a shoot starts like this, you know it's going to be the best day ever. 

What is your favorite thing about your bedroom?

I absolutely love the wicker bamboo bookcase I found on craigslist. It holds some of my favorite pieces and adds a lot of character. I actually spent more money renting a u-Haul and driving to the middle of Brooklyn than I did on the bookcase itself.  Sometimes the adventure is half the fun of finding a good piece for a steal!

As an ode to Katie's love for beautiful fretwork, ginger jars and all things chinoiserie, you can shop this exclusive Bamboo Lattice Pillow (middle row) for a limited time on our site!

Tell us about your over the top fabulous signature scarves!

My grandmother always knew how to add oomph to any outfit by adding a chic Hermes scarf tied “just right”.  A few hand me downs and generous gifts later, I’ve been able to add a handful of these gorgeous, bright colored scarves into my wardrobe as well! (pssst! Isn't it so chic how Katie wears her signature scarves as necklaces? We're taking notes.) 

Finish this sentence: I collect...

Blue and white things!

Give us one decorating tip and one entertaining tip!

Decorating:  Surround yourself with pieces that bring you happiness, whether it be a gorgeous custom made SS couch or a $20 garden stool found on craigslist.  It will make your house feel like a home!

Entertaining:  Prep as much as you can before your guests arrive - you want to enjoy yourself just as much as they do!

Tell us what these books say about you!

I love blue and white, have a tiny kitchen in NYC & love to entertain, grew up on the east coast, and love preppy style!

We love how Katie incorporated our Mint Pagoda Lantern into her bookshelf display!

Favorite cocktail? Favorite cheese?

Gin gimlet and a nice aged cheddar.

Tell us more about this "man cave" or should we say, "man corner?"

While hardly a cave, this corner is the most masculine part of the apartment and filled with some great thrift store finds!

Last but not least, you've started this wildly successful instagram account, the Chinoiserie Collective? What inspired you to do that? 

As I was decorating our apartment, I kept discovering these amazing designers and small shops that catered to my design style.  I realized I wasn’t the only one who loved chinoiserie and blue and white, but I had yet to find an instagram account which gathered all of the fabulous inspiration out there into one chinoiserie specific feed. I decided to fill that gap and jumped in head first!

Katie, thank you for being an inspiration to all lovers of chinoiserie and preppy chic. We absolutely love being a part of your home and helping you clear out all that wine. Next drink is on us! Cheers!!