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What tools do I need to apply this?

We recommend having a tape measure, level, ruler/straight edge, utility knife, plastic smoother, & step stool/ladder!

Should I expect visible seams?

Yes, there will be visible vertical seams between the panels/rolls! Please do keep in mind, when installing, to be sure to slightly overlap the edges (by 1/32”).

Should I have a professional install?

One of the advantages of peel & stick wallpaper is that it does not require professional installation which can be costly! This product falls into more of a DIY category. With that said, the task is much quicker and easier with two people, we highly recommend working with a friend!

How should I remove it?

Slowly pull an edge from a top corner directly downward. The adhesive is repositionable and always removable!

Will it work well in bathrooms/humid spaces?

As long as you follow the proper directions for installation and it is not being directly hit with water, then you should have no problems installing NuWallpaper in your bathroom or behind a kitchen sink. If installed in a bathroom with a shower, we recommend taking extra care to smooth out any air bubbles that may occur during installation.

Is there any special preparation needed?
  • Let the product acclimate to the room it will be applied for a minimum of 48 hours
  • Surfaces must be clean and dry - clean surface using warm water only, there can be no residue left behind
  • If the space was newly painted, recommend waiting 30-60 days for paint to cure (the longer the better!)
Is it easy to install?

It goes up in minutes and comes down in seconds! The product is created with a premium substrate that doesn't damage walls! The adhesive is repositionable and always removable. Additionally, there is an inexpensive smoothing tool that we also recommend using during the installation process.

Will it stick to painted wood/back of bookshelves? Slightly textured walls?
  • This wallpaper works for any smooth, flat, dry, & clean surface - appliances, furniture, windows, glass, etc.
  • We do not recommend installing this wallpaper on unclean or textured surfaces - wallpaper, brick, cinderblock, unpainted drywall, plaster, non-stick paint, floors
Where can I find installation instructions?

You can find installation instructions here or check out our step by step video!

What’s the best way to clean it?

Wipe the wallpaper gently with a slightly damp cloth. Excessive liquid, chemical cleaners, or abrasives may damage the product!

Does it hold up well in sunlight?

The wallpaper should not show any dramatic or unusual color charge due to sunlight exposure. Color may fade over a long period of sun exposure time.

How long will the adhesive last?

As long as you follow our step-by-step instructions when applying your paper, it has the ability to last as long as you would like it to!

Is this collection going to be a limited-time offering?

No! We intend to keep this collection as part of our permanent product catalog!

Does it have an actual grasscloth texture or is it just printed to look textured?

All of our plain Faux Grasscloth Peel and Stick Wallpapers have texture - varying shades of color are exquisitely layered and accented with raised inks to mimic the look and feel of real grasscloth! However, our Flourish Block Print Peel and Stick Wallpapers are smooth due to different printing techniques used to print the pattern on.

If I order multiple samples will I receive them all at once?

We try to ship samples altogether if possible. If sampling is temporarily out of one of the samples you've requested, you may receive your samples in multiple shipments.

If I order this wallpaper from a 3rd party, will Society Social be able help with claims?

Unfortunately, we are only able to help with orders placed directly through our website. If you purchase through a 3rd party, we are unable to honor any claims or help with any damages, defects or service failures that may occur.