Don’t be afraid to style your credenza outside of the dining room! These historical dining room staples have a new life of their own when incorporated into living room and entryway vignettes.
Carmen Grasscloth Credenza 68"Carmen Grasscloth Credenza 68"
Sold out

Carmen Grasscloth Credenza 68"

From $2,995
From $2,995
Audrey CredenzaAudrey Credenza

Audrey Credenza

From $4,361
Beau Burlwood CredenzaBeau Burlwood Credenza

Beau Burlwood Credenza

From $2,734
Ella CredenzaElla Credenza

Ella Credenza

From $4,119
Astor CabinetAstor Cabinet

Astor Cabinet

From $1,534
Harlow Burlwood Nightstand

Harlow Burlwood Nightstand

From $1,889
Josie Burlwood Chest

Josie Burlwood Chest

From $3,099
Penny Burlwood ChestPenny Burlwood Chest

Penny Burlwood Chest

From $2,429
Audrey DresserAudrey Dresser

Audrey Dresser

From $4,532
Karen DresserKaren Dresser

Karen Dresser

From $3,573
Savannah Dresser

Savannah Dresser

From $3,749
Ashton ChestAshton Chest

Ashton Chest

From $1,219
Pineapple Street Rattan CredenzaPineapple Street Rattan Credenza
Sold out
Carmen Credenza - Maple BurlwoodCarmen Credenza - Maple Burlwood
Sold out
Carmen Grasscloth DresserCarmen Grasscloth Dresser
Sold out

Carmen Grasscloth Dresser

From $3,075
Wythe Pencil Rattan CredenzaWythe Pencil Rattan Credenza
Sold out

Wythe Pencil Rattan Credenza

From $2,895
Carmen Grasscloth NightstandCarmen Grasscloth Nightstand
Sold out

Carmen Grasscloth Nightstand

From $1,370
From $1,370