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Photography by Elizabeth Shrier 
Meet Thea, one of Society Socials' most loyal and supportive friend and customer! Thea is the designer and founder of Hushed Commotion, a Brooklyn based brand featuring elegant hand crafted veils, headpieces and belts! When she's not designing her handmade beauties in her in-home studio, you can find Thea harvesting fresh herbs from her garden for fabulous cocktails! Thea and her husband Rachit recently renovated their gorgeous Brooklyn brownstone - we obviously had to go and check it out for ourselves!

Thank you so much for inviting us into your gorgeous Brooklyn brownstone! Why Society Social?

I love Roxy and her work! When we were planning for the new place, I immediately went to Roxy and said “ I need a couch!”. I knew she could help me customize a piece that would be comfy, and a statement. Months later, our teal couch arrived and we have loved it ever since. Plus, we are fellow NC ladies! Have to support one another!



"Africa" by Inslee Pillow

Thea's Charlotte Sofa in Grade A Turquoise! 

Far right: Kynane Pillow 

You recently did a complete renovation of your home. Tell us more about that! 

What a journey! I knew it was going to be hard, but goodness – it really is an undertaking. Design consumes you, negotiating aesthetic with your partner consumes you, timelines are delicate, making sure you do things right but stay in budget is a challenge.... there are a tone of rolling balls. On top of that, we both have full time jobs! And yes, it was totally worth it. We love our space. We got to keep a lot of the historic details like moldings, while adding in modern fixtures and design. We have a lot of art and being able to display that has been so rewarding. Plus, our space is built out for entertaining, so we have really enjoyed having a place where people come to cook and hang out with us.

Otomi Pillow and Kos Pillow 

Your decor is a wonderful mix of new and collected, do you have a story behind some of these treasures?

Thank you! We really believe in buying things that have personal meaning and stories behind them. All of the art on our walls have stories. Some of them are photographs my father took, some of them are pieces from local Brooklyn artists, some are from our travels (especially our honeymoon in South East Asia), some were gifts. We hung our wedding Ketubbah in the front hall, which was designed and created by my godmother. I love being able to walk past that each day. Buying for our home is a real joint effort between the two of us, we each come to the other with ideas and pieces and then we discuss it through. Many of the wood pieces you see in the house were bought on our honeymoon, it was a wonderful coincidence that we had that trip right before we moved in, so we had a blank canvas to work with. I also love DIY. We put up shelves together, I painted all the colors in the home, and I put up all the wallpaper myself. To me, it’s it so rewarding to do it myself, and I learn something new in the process!

Your in-home studio is absolutely gorgeous! How do you separate work from pleasure?
I love that space so much! Having it as a dedicated room really helps me separate myself when I need to. I can close the door and walk past it into our main spaces. So much of what I do I love, so many times I do stay up too late working, but it doesn’t feel stressful to me.

Can you tell we had some fun?


Favorite accessory?

Belts! I have always loved how a belt can totally transform an outfit. The same dress can go from day to night just by changing the belt. With a bride, the belt can make a simple dress pop, or be the finishing touch to an elaborately beaded gown. 

Drink of choice?


We love Thea's pairings! 

Give us one decorating tip...
Don’t be afraid of color!

And one entertaining tip!

Something always goes wrong at a party, so just learn to expect that things will happen and you go with the flow! As long as you have good people there, and you have done your prep work, it will all work out. (oh, and some great wine on hand!)

Favorite neighborhood restaurant?

Myrtle Diner, don’t be fooled by the name, it’s actually an Asian restaurant! The décor is beautiful and minimal, the food is incredible, and the menu changes monthly! Plus, they make their own hot sauce, that is always a win in my book.

Dream purchase for your home?

We want a pizza oven! Just not sure where to put it…

We have a suggestion! How amazing would one be nestled in the corner of their outdoor patio?! We're hoping Thea and Rachit splurge and invite us over for a slice... or two!

 Cheers to you, Thea! Thank you for being such a fabulous hostess and the most supportive friend and SS customer! 


Photography by Nicole Crowder

Meet Mary & her husband Nate! They're full of personality and pizazz and definitely know how to host a crowd!

Thank you so much for inviting us into your charming home! Why Society Social?
I discovered Society Social many years ago, through other designers I loved (Loren Hope Jewelry and Persifor). I fell in love with the gorgeous designs, the fact that everything was American crafted and made, and Roxy's incredible sense of style. She brought back the bar cart!! My husband (at the time boyfriend) and I lived in an apartment in Washington, DC that was low on space for any furniture additions. I always warned him that when we purchased a house, we required a Society Social bar cart! When we bought our home last year, we made good on that promise (and more)!
And boy is that true! Mary and Nate filled their home with SS, starting with larger items like our lavender Alan Dale Sofa and Chelsea Wing Chairs and finishing it off with decorative stools and pillows!  
Since you and your husband travel a lot for work, how did you make your home a relaxing place to return to?
My husband is a forensic accountant/financial consultant, and I am a meeting planner. Since we travel so frequently for work, we often joke that we bought a home to never use it. We spent a lot of time in hotels before we bought the house, reading style blogs, and selecting specific themes for rooms. It was really helpful to order the bulk of our furniture from Society Social. Roxy worked with us to specifically customize the pieces we wanted, and offered advice on our selections and fabrics. The white glove delivery service saved us so much money in shipping, and it was great that most of our furniture arrived at the same time, so everything could come together at once. We designated some rooms more for comfort than style, and decorated things in phases so it wasn't too overwhelming. 
What was your favorite room in the house to decorate? 
It's a toss up between the living room and putting together my "closet" / dressing room. The living room was a new frontier, as we had only ever lived in apartments beforehand. Having a formal living space to entertain as well as relax in was exciting. Designing my closet layout and finding a home for my shoes and jewelry was so much fun too!
Chelsea Wing Chairs in Black & White Stripe
Chrystie Street Desk in Vanilla Table Fabric With Gold Nailheads 
Tell us more about this fabulous walk in closet!
The single walk-in closet in the master bedroom was small, and certainly not enough room for both of us. When I half-joked, we should make the smallest bedroom into my closet, Nate actually agreed. WIN!  We priced out custom closets, but discovered the IKEA Pax system was the best fit for us. It was inexpensive and allowed us to create an entire walk in closet while still retaining the room's integrity. It is easily removable if we ever choose to sell the house someday, and the layout is easily changeable when I need to make adjustments.  
If you had to choose one pair of shoes out of your entire collection which pair would it be?
This is a mean question! It's basically Sophie's Choice! I love my Jimmy Choo Marias best (they were my wedding shoes and a gift from my husband), but I could wear my Kate Spade glitter Charm heels every day of my life. 
Paloma Footstool in Spotted Fabric 
You have lots of personalized pieces all around your home which really makes your space feel unique to you! Do you have a story behind these collected treasures?
My late grandma used to buy and sell from flea markets, so from a young age, we were always going to flea markets and thrift stores. I still have a lot of pieces that I've had since childhood, and other pieces that I've collected along the way. We were very invested in having furniture that was precisely our taste, and Society Social's custom work really made that happen for us! We also chose art pieces and decor that matched our personalities, both as individuals and as a couple. It makes our home seem a little unusual to others, but it's a perfect expression of us!
I collect...
Loren Hope Jewelry (Every piece is a work of art!) and my whole life I've collected horses, paintings, figurines, and other representations. Finding a home for each one without going overboard has been tricky. Impulse control when shopping has been very necessary!
Drink of choice?
Aylesbury Duck (or Tito's) vodka and Diet Coke or an Amaretto Sour. Nate loves a good bourbon or single malt scotch (Roxy's husband Alan can attest, as he and Nate knocked back a bottle or so while we were shooting the house! In fairness, we went through several bottles of champagne, so, I think good times were had by all at our photo shoot)! 
The Sedgewick Bar Cart 
Give us one decorating tip!
 Spend time figuring out the full space before you start purchasing pieces. Visualize the aesthetic in advance and choose pieces that are true to the plan, but also to true to your style and not just a trend of the moment.
And one entertaining tip!
 Always provide good food and good company! Entertaining is more about your guests than you, so make your focus on showing them a great time, and enjoy!
And Mary & Nate did just that with the warmest and most fun welcome ever! Thank you both for inviting us (the entire fam including Oscar Owens!) into your charming home, we had an absolute blast visiting y'all!
Meet Patricia, an antique pineapple collector, a lover of pieces with personality and a firm believer in a Bermuda beach lifestyle! 

Thank you so much for inviting us into your preppy palace! Why Society Social?
I’ve been following Roxy and her adventures with Society Social for years now. I knew once I bought my first home I HAD to have some Society Social in it. I love how the designs take classic silhouettes and combine them with bright colors and bold patterns. Every piece has personality.

Not only did we have the pleasure of working with Patricia, she also worked closely with our awesome SS Shop Partner, The Blue Octagon in Malvern, PA to furnish her gorgeous home!
We love your daring use of color and expertise at pattern play! How were you able to layer your finds into one cohesive look?
My home is a mix of all my favorite things. I buy what I like versus going after trends or design rules. I’ve mixed classic antique pieces from my grandparent’s old home with some of my own thrifted finds and fun new designers. I’m also not afraid of a little DIY project. 

Tell us more about your fabulous gallery wall above your Sedgewick Bar Cart
The gallery was so much fun to design! My dad actually made the frames (he’s a talented woodworker in his spare time) and the art is a combination of some Etsy pieces, a Vogue postcard from a trip to Paris, a vintage brass hook and plate from my grandmother and then 2 custom illustrations that are actually me!


Drink of choice?
I love anything bubbly and rosé! This rosé is actually from a recent trip to Quebec that I’m saving for a spontaneous excuse to pop open and celebrate. 

Also pictured, our Society Gold Cocktail ShakerSociety Gold Jigger, and Colorful Corkscrew!
Your pup is adorable! Does Abi typically claim the Duchess Chair as her throne?
Abi’s favorite hobbies include lounging and looking cute so the Duchess Chair was pretty much made for her.

What is your favorite thing about your bedroom?
My bedroom makes me feel like I’m on vacation, away from reality. The calming pale blue walls, beverly palm print headboard and exotic leopard print pillows make for the perfect escape. It’s like a little bit of Bermuda here in PA!
We love how Patricia symmetrically styled her room with our White and Gold Hexagon Lamps!

Favorite pair of heels?
How can I pick just one? Honestly, Kate Spade is my spirit animal. I have so many of her shoes and couldn’t possibly pick just one, they are all so whimsy and feminine. 

Favorite bloom?
Tulips, hydrangeas and bleeding hearts are my favorites. 

I collect....
Elephants, antique brass pineapples, ginger jars and vintage clip on earrings. 

Give us one decorating tip!
Don’t be afraid to mix the old with the new, it makes a room feel lived in and curated. I know many people who say they need a neutral home to come home to and settle their mind, whereas I think I’d go crazy in a home without color. 
Patricia, thank you so much for inviting us into your gorgeous home! I'd say now is the perfect time to pop that rosé you've been saving!

Photography by Rebecca McAlpin Photography 

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