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East Village

I first visited this amazing Greek restaurant in Astoria a neighborhood known for being a home away from home for Greeks. If that doesn't say anything, the restaurant's move and expansion (I can only guess from booming business because yes it is that good) into Manhattan should convince you it's worth a try. Taverna Kyclades East Village, or Astoria if you so prefer, is a favorite for casual family style meals, drawn out from the first course to the very last free, yes free, traditional Greek style dessert. Gather your friends and family, order a few bottles of wine, and sit, dine, and stay awhile!

I recommend to start with the grilled octopus and the mussels steamed with feta and tomatoes, the horiatiki salad (one for a table of 4), the broccoli rabe and lemon roasted potatoes as sides, and for the main any of the fresh fish or the Kyclades special (I always share this one!). 

Among the many things I love about NYC is their experimental and adventurous cocktail culture. Move over vodka soda (or rum and coke?! hello, college), these cocktails are for the discerning imbiber. 
1&2. Hudson Clearwater (West Village) is not only one of my favorite restaurants in the city for the food, but for the cocktails too! The Mr. always orders the spicy Calacas and for me, the HC Pimms.
3. Duck's Eatery. (East Village) There's nothing like a refreshing and stiff Watermelon Gimlet on a steamy summer night. 
4. Quite possibly my favorite cocktail of all at super cool cocktail spot, Sel Rose, (Lower East Side) the lavender piscine champagne: lavender ice, herbs de provence syrup, grapefruit bitters. Bottoms. UP.
5. The Cannibal (Murray Hill) offers 400+ beers from around the world, but my favorite is the one rose on the menu and the quaint garden strung with lights and peppered with communal picnic tables. 
6. Oh Ten Degrees! (East Village) What can I say? I've been frequenting this watering hole since my grad school days at Parsons. By far my most favorite happy hour in all of the city-- no crappy well drinks here -- but 2 for 1 quality tipples from 12-8 every day. Think French 75's, Mojitos, Moscow Mules, and champagne cocktails galore!
If you're thirsty, I truly hope my spirited adventures and my high proof notes above lead you in the right direction. Cheers!
Valentine's...Galentine's! Isn't it just as fun celebrating your best babes as it is your boo? We think so! I share the Society Social studio with two fun loving ladies who knew just the place for a boozy girls brunch. They've both frequented Fonda in the East Village and suggested it for our terrific lady day. Inslee was on the darling illustrated invite, Elizabeth expertly threw together pink and red flower arrangements, I put together treats that doubled as name place cards and brought along stripey straws and Society Social "cin cin y'all" cocktail napkins. Bring your own decor? Don't mind if we do, and neither did Fonda! Sparkly shoes and bright baubles were donned and $27 got us and some of our favorite ladies rounds upon rounds of hibiscus margs, champagne, and more! I ordered the Huevos Divorciados but stole a bite of Huevos a la Mexicano and will definitely be getting that next time. Cheers to endless brunches and raucous girlfriends!

I'll be updating the Social Guide to NYC (especially as the weather starts to warm in the city!) so check back for restaurants, bars, parks, and solid adventure destinations in general. Meanwhile, if you would like, follow along on Instagram with #SocietySociallovesNYC
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