Step Into Stephanie Hill's Insanely Chic Pink & Green Apartment Guided by Designer, Danielle Rollins

 It's a Palm Beach dream! Our Monroe Tassel Sofa, Daisy Rattan Coffee Table & May Flor Pencil Rattan Bench have flown south for the winter and are happily at home with Stephanie Hill of The Style Bungalow.

We recently had the pleasure of working with Stephanie as she transformed her Palm Beach apartment rental into a super chic pink & green oasis. Guided by interior designer & tastemaker, Danielle Rollins, the pair hand-selected some of signature designs to compliment the Southern style layered with Palm Beach charm. 

S M A L L  S P A C E S  N E E D  T O  S E R V E  M U L T I P L E  P U R P O S E S

Like us, Stephanie was no stranger to small space living and had previously spent the past 4 years in a 350-square-foot studio in West Palm Beach that felt in many ways similar to NYC living. Although this new apartment was an upgrade, Stephanie knew she still had to be mindful of space and only select pieces that she loved and could bring to a future home. "There's nothing worse than moving into a big, beautiful home without furniture or with bad furniture from college. So, I was ready to make a purchase! ... Which is why we turned to Society Social."  

  Since Danielle and Stephanie transformed her only one bedroom into a walk-in closet, they had to get very clever with turning the living space into a bedroom and a living room. Danielle suggested Stephanie purchase full-sized furniture as “having actual scaled furniture creates a space to live in and not just look appealing. Blending scale is critical in all spaces, but it can also make small spaces appear larger." Danielle felt that it was important for Stephanie to invest in pieces that she could move with her into another place while serving as anchored building blocks to work from.
" T A S S E L S  A R E  A L W A Y S  A  G O O D  I D E A  "

For the living room, Danielle and Stephanie landed on our Monroe Tassel Sofa, recently dubbed as a "Grandmillenial" must-have by House Beautiful. The pair selected our Grade C: Ballet Pink Velvet fabric, the perfect partner to their pastel color palette and a subtle ode to Stephanie's roots (she used to be a professional ballerina!)

To sit in front of the Monroe Tassel, Stephanie and Danielle selected our chic retro revival, the Daisy Pencil Rattan Scalloped Coffee Table. "We wanted something fun, yet classic that would bring together all the pinks and rattan. That’s why we went with this coffee table, fun because of its unique shape and classic because of its material, which speaks cohesively to Society Social’s brand: “colorful, classic and fun.”

A custom May Flor Pencil Rattan Bench sits in front of Stephanie's "library" (originally a closet/laundry space that Danielle switched up with a fresh coat of paint and grasscloth shelves). As this piece will likely get a lot of action in living room, Danielle and Stephanie selected our Grade B: Performance Blush Linen fabric as it is pill resistant and liquid resistant.

 Stephanie & Danielle, thank you so much for including us in your apartment makeover! It was a truly a pleasure to work alongside such talented and creative individuals. We know you have many options to choose from and we cannot thank you enough for choosing Society Social! Stephanie, we hope you enjoy your custom Society Social pieces for years to come! Cheers!