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NEW!!! Performance fabrics: Beau, Cambridge, and Birdie (Grade B below) Watch red wine demo HERE!

We offer hundreds of fabrics in an array of textures and colors all available on our custom upholstery collection. With endless options, we make designing your own unique look fun and easy. Please note fabrics are subject to availability and "grade pricing" per piece can be viewed on each individual product page. Please do not hesitate to email us at with questions or inquiries regarding your favorite selections. 

Twill (Grade A)

White Twill (Grade A)

Gun Metal Twill (Grade A)

Tangerine Twill (Grade A)

Fire Engine Twill (Grade A)

Blossom Twill (Grade A)

Navy Twill (Grade A)

Linen (Grade A)

Cream Linen (Grade A)

Corn Linen (Grade A)

Pewter Linen (Grade A)

Seafoam Linen (Grade A)

Turquoise Linen (Grade A)

Sapphire Linen (Grade A)

Fuschia Linen (Grade A)

Java Linen (Grade A)

Caviar Linen (Grade A)

Dark Grey Linen (Grade A)

Criss Cross (Grade B) NEW! Performance fabric- Watch red wine demo here!

Criss Cross Natural (Grade B)

Criss Cross Sand (Grade B)

Criss Cross Husk (Grade B)

Criss Cross Oat (Grade B)

Criss Cross Hessian (Grade B)

Criss Cross Taupe (Grade B)

Criss Cross Aqua (Grade B)

Criss Cross Apple (Grade B)

Criss Cross Sahara (Grade B)

Criss Cross Terra (Grade B)

Criss Cross Chili (Grade B)

Criss Cross Smoke (Grade B)

Criss Cross Slate (Grade B)

Beau (Grade B) NEW! Performance fabric- Watch red wine demo here!

Mascarpone (Grade B)

Toast (Grade B)

Buff (Grade B)

Beige (Grade B)

Smoke (Grade B)

Latte (Grade B)

Toffee (Grade B)

Sepia (Grade B)

Chive (Grade B)

Persimmon (Grade B)

Chili (Grade B)

Basil (Grade B)

Ibiza (Grade B)

Storm (Grade B)

Birdie (Grade B) NEW! Performance fabric- Watch red wine demo here!

Linen (Grade B)

Oat (Grade B)

Chestnut (Grade B)

Java (Grade B)

Baltic (Grade B)

Willow (Grade B)

AntiqueGold (Grade B)

raspberry (Grade B)

Geranium (Grade B)

Scarlett (Grade B)

NorthSea (Grade B)

Carbon (Grade B)

Noir (Grade B)

Cambridge (Grade B) NEW! Performance fabric - Watch red wine demo here!

Vanilla (Grade B)

Parchment (Grade B)

Wheat (Grade B)

Bamboo (Grade B)

Atmosphere (Grade B)

Slate (Grade B)

Herb (Grade B)

Oro (Grade B)

Popsicle (Grade B)

Amethyst (Grade B)

Coal (Grade B)

Walnut (Grade B)

Midnight (Grade B)

Sunbrella™ Indoor/Outdoor (Grade B)

Natural Sunbrella™ Indoor/Outdoor (Grade B)

Mint Sunbrella™ Indoor/Outdoor (Grade B)

Buttercup Sunbrella™ Indoor/Outdoor (Grade B)

Melon Sunbrella™ Indoor/Outdoor (Grade B)

Hot Pink Sunbrella™ Indoor/Outdoor (Grade B)

Orange Sunbrella™ Indoor/Outdoor (Grade B)

Aruba Sunbrella™ Indoor/Outdoor (Grade B)

Black Sunbrella™ Indoor/Outdoor (Grade B)

Velvet (Grade C)

Snow Velvet (Grade C)

Cement Velvet (Grade C)

Gris Velvet (Grade C)

Earth Velvet (Grade C)

Grey Cloud Velvet (Grade C)

Camel Velvet (Grade C)

Antique Gold Velvet (Grade C)

Antique Velvet (Grade C)

Cognac Velvet (Grade C)

Emerald Velvet (Grade C)

Navy Velvet (Grade C)

Deep Purple Velvet (Grade C)

Tobacco Velvet (Grade C)

Black Velvet (Grade C)

Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Optic White Luxe Linen (Grade C)

White Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Antique White Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Oyster Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Champagne Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Verdgris Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Serenity Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Silver Sage Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Khaki Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Hemp Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Linen Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Natural Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Smoky Quartz Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Metal Luxe Linen (Grade C)

English Green Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Driftwood Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Celadonia Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Graphite Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Indigo Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Blue Bell Luxe Linen (Grade C)

River Rock Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Camel Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Truffle Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Chambray Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Surf Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Apple Green Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Tropique Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Daffodil Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Pumpkin Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Rose Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Cinnamon Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Crimson Red Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Beaujolais Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Walnut Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Amethyst Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Heather Moon Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Earth Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Charcoal Grey Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Raw Hide Luxe Linen (Grade C)

Black Luxe Linen (Grade C)

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