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The Real Society Socials

We know where we'd like to spend our summers! Step into Katherine's stunning Newport home, full of casual coastal style, chinoiserie chic accents and lots of blue & white custom Society Social furniture!


Katherine came to visit me at our Soho showroom on Spring Street 💕 We chose all the blue and white fabrics for her matching Charlotte Sofas, 2 Quinn Club Chairs and Beverly Sofa. 2 years later Katherine sent us install pics and it was so worth the wait! We're so excited to share these photos with you.


Quinn Club Chairs in Sahara Midnight Fabric, Navy Piping

Beverly Sofa in Performance Basketweave Concord Navy, White Tape Trim


Charlotte Sofas in Blythe Pacific Fabric, Navy Contrast Piping

Thank you, Katherine-- these pictures made our whole day! It is all so beautiful and we are coming to visit 😘


Meet Prudence!

 Prudence Bailey of Prudence Home + Design is a full-service interior design firm based in Darien, CT. Prudence's signature style showcases clean, fresh and comfortable spaces with a blend of modern and traditional styles. Glamorous or coastal chic twists are often seen in her homes depending on the client. Prudence believes a room should always be approachable, have something unexpected to start conversations and feel a little gold can work magic. Just like us, she loves color and how it adds a smile to every room but she can happily make friends with any color palette that her client’s love. We're so excited to share a few of Prudence's styling tips and showcase how show's incorporated our best selling Ming Grasscloth Console in Natural into a recent design project!

Prudence's Styling Tip #1:

The Highs and Lows
Scale is so important in design and styling so make sure you have varying heights to keep the eye interested. For instance, something tall, medium and short will always create a well styled surface as the eye is more drawn to it than things at the same height. Use books, décor boxes and other accessories as risers.

Prudence's Styling Tip #2:

Your Treasures
A home isn’t really a home if it doesn’t reflect you. A room with beautiful furnishings is nice, however it doesn’t become a home until its accessorized: Think jewelry on the outfit! Place books you love, objects, art and treasures from travel and any other things you love around your home to tell everyone who lives there!



Prudence's 3 Favorite Designers:

Mary Macdonald, Lynn Morgan & Tobi Fairley

Prudence, thank you so much for including us in your fabulous design projects! It's always a pleasure to work together and see what you create!

Meet Dominique!
Dominique DeLaney of Comfy Cozy Couture is an interior designer based in Huntersville, North Carolina. In 2011 she founded her blog Comfy Cozy Couture in an attempt to catalog all her varied passions into one place and shortly thereafter formed her own design studio. Over the last few years she’s accumulated knowledge on a broad range of projects; from custom design-build homes to remodels and everything in between.
Dominique's spaces are not only inviting and approachable, but most importantly, they feel like home! We're excited to share Dominique's latest interior design project featuring our Quinn Club Chairs & Gramercy Sofa. Talk about blue & white done right! 

Dominique's Decorating Tip:
"Decorating without a plan is a recipe for disaster…the design ends up being piece milled together and rarely turns out to be the beautiful, well designed space you were imagining."


Custom is the name of our game! We love how Dominique took advantage of our customization offerings and sent in her own tape trim for the bottom of her Quinn Club Chairs.

Dominique's 3 Favorite Designers:
Amy Berry, Jean Stoffer and Ashley Whittaker.


Dominique, thank you so much for including us in your design projects! We absolutely love how this space came together for your client.

We're ready to move in!

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