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Style with Roxy

1. START WITH A TIMELESS PIECE that can be reinvented in any room in your home! This Spring Street Desk from my 6th collection is the perfect neutral starting point and can be used for an eye-grabbing entryway, home office or makeshift vanity! 

2. CHOOSE MULTI-FUNCTIONAL FURNITURE! Bring in a small ottoman or stool that’s perfect for kicking off your shoes yet small enough to tuck away when guests are over! Because of it’s scale, it can also double as an end table if a tray is added. And don’t be afraid to bring in a fun print! Leopard is a classic in our book.

3. AMBIENT LIGHTING IS A MUST! It softens the harshness that can be overhead lighting and instantly makes a home feel cozy and inviting. In this case we also chose this lamp for it's height. Incorporating varying heights is important for visual interest. We love the texture, too!

4.  DECORATE WITH BOOKS or small boxes to layer in your personality and to create a variety of levels for accessorizing!  Choose pieces that double as stylish organization, hide unwanted clutter like keys, pens, and / or jewelry in the decorative boxes and drawers!

5. PUT YOUR PASSIONS ON DISPLAY! Infuse personality into the space by displaying personal treasures and tchotchkes! For any vignette small or large, remember to balance out height and vary levels of visual interest. Here we did that with a collected candlestick that stands up to our lamp! 

6. ALWAYS ADD GREENERY OR FLOWERS! Plants not only provide more oxygen but they always warm up and liven up a space by adding natural and colorful elements!

Summer and spring are all about making the most of outdoor living, but what we love about the changing of the seasons is the delightful opportunity to make your home cozy again! In the spirit of fall nesting, here are 6 of my fail safe decorating tips that can be applied to any space or vignette in your home.
Happy decorating! 
1. START WITH SOMETHING YOU LOVE like our versatile grasscloth Spring Street desk and this new floral from the Schumacher x Vogue Living collection. Design note: Stripes and florals always play well together and this rug creates a welcoming and distinct walkway.

2. DECORATE WITH BOOKS to showcase your personality and also to create different levels for accessorizing. This is important for visual interest!

3. ADD FUNCTIONAL & CHIC PERSONAL TREASURES whether it’s a horn tray perfect for keys from an east village favorite, John Derian, or a brass and bone inlay bud vase scooped up on a vintage hunt, personal pieces are what make your home yours! 

4. GET LIT with ambient lighting. I always prefer ambient vs overhead lighting. It casts a lovely glow about everyone and everything! This tassel lamp and collected brass candlesticks are perfect for height and light.

5. BRING THE OUTDOORS IN with floral and fauna. Greenery makes a home feel cozy and welcoming. I chose eucalyptus for it’s height and a single hydrangea bloom in a fall and fabric complimentary color.

6. KICK YOUR SHOES OFF, STAY AWHILE! There is nothing more welcoming and equally functional. Than seating in an entryway. Natural bamboo chairs and a gilded faux bamboo x-stool add texture, polish, and a place to take off shoes, set down a bag, and paraphernalia from the day’s activities.

Featuring the woven raffia Carmen Credenza and Bridgehampton Chair from my 5th Collection.  Designed by me and made by our family-owned factories!
1. Art
Making a statement with art is an easy way to establish a starting point when planning a design scheme. Art adds color and in this case a grand focal point that can be used to plan complimentary colors and accessories.
2. Trays
Trays in my opinion are underrated and are one of my favorite things to use in decorating because they are equally functional and stylish. You can use trays to corral random objects adding instant organization, to serve up cocktails, to create clear styling zones on a surface, or opt for an elevated pedestal to add height to a styled vignette like this chic marble stand!
3. Vintage & Collected Treasures:
Accessories with a story make your home special in more ways than one. They speak to you and the memories you’ve made and they also can’t be found at every mass retailer. This makes your home unique like you!
Case in point: A hand-blown glass bowl from adventures in Burano, vintage rose-colored champagne coupes and a crystal decanter from a friend and collector in Chelsea, and for a pop of glam, brass candlesticks, from a day at a Southern flea market with my mom!
4. A DIY Project:
A little DIY never killed nobody! But me! Just kidding. A simple DIY is easy on the budget and can be a fun activity to do with family or friends. These little projects add personal flair and personality to any space.
DIY: This mason jar simply finished in chalk paint and tied with inexpensive twine is the perfect vessel for branches, berries, and flowers alike.

5. Flora and Fauna:

Always add something natural to your styled moments whether it’s seasonal pumpkins, branches from your front yard, or fall colored blooms from the corner bodega. These natural accents are inexpensive and can make a space feel warm and welcoming!

 Seasonal decorating doesn’t have to be cheesy-- it can be sophisticated and chic! For Halloween we chose blush pinks, lavender, muted pumpkins, creamy ivory, and rich plums instead of the basic purple, green, and bright orange. Not only is it stylish and original, this color palette can carry effortlessly into Thanksgiving, which means you won’t be double spending on holiday décor!

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