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Lower East Side

Among the many things I love about NYC is their experimental and adventurous cocktail culture. Move over vodka soda (or rum and coke?! hello, college), these cocktails are for the discerning imbiber. 
1&2. Hudson Clearwater (West Village) is not only one of my favorite restaurants in the city for the food, but for the cocktails too! The Mr. always orders the spicy Calacas and for me, the HC Pimms.
3. Duck's Eatery. (East Village) There's nothing like a refreshing and stiff Watermelon Gimlet on a steamy summer night. 
4. Quite possibly my favorite cocktail of all at super cool cocktail spot, Sel Rose, (Lower East Side) the lavender piscine champagne: lavender ice, herbs de provence syrup, grapefruit bitters. Bottoms. UP.
5. The Cannibal (Murray Hill) offers 400+ beers from around the world, but my favorite is the one rose on the menu and the quaint garden strung with lights and peppered with communal picnic tables. 
6. Oh Ten Degrees! (East Village) What can I say? I've been frequenting this watering hole since my grad school days at Parsons. By far my most favorite happy hour in all of the city-- no crappy well drinks here -- but 2 for 1 quality tipples from 12-8 every day. Think French 75's, Mojitos, Moscow Mules, and champagne cocktails galore!
If you're thirsty, I truly hope my spirited adventures and my high proof notes above lead you in the right direction. Cheers!

Welcome to the first installment in the Society Social Guide to New York City! Follow us along as we zig and zag up and down streets, between avenues, on foot but sometimes Citibike and by car if we're lucky, all the while documenting every new discovery and old haunt just for you. Should you ever visit we hope our little list aids in your merry making! Without further adieu, let's talk about a most favorite wine bar in the Lower East Side.

It was exactly April 6 of last year -- I remember this because it was Alan Dale's birthday-- there was still a slight nip in the air, the city was taking it's sweet time defrosting. We hailed a cab downtown to The Ten Bells and settled at the end of the bar, lingering on our drink du jour, in part because of indecisiveness and in part because the wine list is impressive and expansive, the latter meaning nothing if the former doesn't simultaneously occur, of course.

As if he could see right through the expectant look on our faces, for Spring to spring and drinks no doubt, the friendly bar tender announced he was going to bring up from the cellar the first Rosés of the season for an impromptu tasting. weeeee!The glowing afternoon light slanted in through the front windows and we sat sipping on the promise of warmer days ahead while sampling seafood to our cold winter heart's desire. Since then The Ten Bells has become one of our favorite wine bars in the city and I for one am counting down the days til the first Rosé. Do stop in! Cin cin!

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