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"Imagine a night
Where thousands
Come together,
Dressed in white
With food and wine
To decorate tables
And dance
In celebration of
The unusual,
The unexpected,
And the unforgettable."


Have you ever heard of the PopUp Dinner Party? Handmade Events chooses the location, sends out the invitations, and provides the tables and chairs. You wear all white, bring your own food, drink and tablescape.

Like any Society Social, I jumped at this fantastical idea of a flash dinner party and a chance to decorate, of course! The location was disclosed just two hours before the festivities began and once we received our secret email, on to Brooklyn we excitedly set out with a multi-course meal and fine china in tow. No excuses when your company is based on a love of entertaining!

It was a shimmery summer night, the crowd was ethereal buzzing about in white. I chose my float-iest, most gossamer-like dress and wore sparkly flowers in my hair, the same ones I wore on my wedding day.


 Under the stars and the moon we sang, we danced, and we drank rosé {sangria}.

"In hours, the space was empty, with no trace of the magic that had happened."

 My darling friend, Jen and her beau James, were our partners in crime for the evening. They took these beautiful photos and were such good sports when I, in my dinner party high, splashed them with sparkling water at the end of the night ;) Head over to Jen's style blog, Skirt the Rules, for more. 

p.s. The next PopUp Dinner Party is in one of my favorite cities, Charleston. I imagine it will be doubly charming. More here

This past weekend some of my best friends came to visit from North Carolina! The weather which hovered around the 60s and 70s was perfect for brunching (when is it not perfect for brunching? ;), biking about this great island, and for general frolic al fresco. I highly recommend Berry Park (Brooklyn) for rooftop cocktails. We sipped on the Gin Haze-- Hendrick's gin, prosecco, St.Germain, jalapeño, and lime-- and watched the sunset over the New York skyline. The Penrose (Upper East Side) has always been a favorite brunch spot, you might be able to tell why from the food snaps above, and their morning cocktail menu is one of the best! Lastly, if you're trying to get from point a to point b versus general sightseeing, definitely Citibike over the subway or bus. If you're not already a member, a 24 hour access pass is only $10, but you'll need to get to your destination in 30 minutes or less. Happy Spring adventuring!
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