Roxy Shares a Step-by-Step Guide to Styling a Functional Entryway

First impressions are everything. Welcome in, y'all! Follow along as I share my step-by-step guide to styling a functional & beautiful entryway.

S T E P  O N E

Start with a classic piece that can be re-invented in your home over and over again. Our Carmen Burlwood Credenza features rich maple burlwood, clean lines, and sleek brass pulls and caps. She serves as a neutral canvas ready to be styled! 

S T E P  T W O

Layer a rug for visual interest and to create a distinct walkway. Your guests will want to follow the welcoming runner right in!

S T E P  T H R E E
Set the stage with a stunning piece of art. A home is not complete without it in our book! I absolutely love this original piece by Elizabeth Sage Art. The soft blues and greens inspired the color palette when it came to styling out the rest of the vignette. 

S T E P  F O U R

Make it functional. Add a chair, ottoman or stool meant for kicking off your shoes or a resting place for your purse. The Carmen Credenza Burlwood also features drawers and cabinets perfect for hiding keys, mail and unwanted clutter.

 S T E P  F I V E

Decorate with books! They're a quick way to infuse a little personality and are perfect for creating different levels on the credenza for accessorizing which is important for maintaining visual interest. 

 S T E P  S I X

Add personal treasures. Whether it's a family heirloom, a flea market tchotchkes, or simply a piece that sparks joy like our french hens, personal pieces are truly what make your home uniquely yours!

S T E P  S E V E N

Layer in lighting! Not only do table lamps offer a soft, welcoming glow, they are perfect for styling as they instantly add height to a vignette and keep the eye moving upward.


S T E P  E I G H T
Finish it off with greenery! This silver dollar eucalyptus in our white glazed planter is a perfect arrangement for fall and offers up lots of organic beauty. Its generous size also balances out the lamp and stands up to the large scale artwork. And when in doubt, add another floral! I love the juxtaposition of the free-flowing eucalyptus next to the small hydrangea lilac grey bud vase arrangement.

Watch it come to life below!

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