Refreshing Our Bookshelves For Spring

What's our love language? Maximalist shelves!

We're traditionally blue & white bookshelf lovers but for spring, we're swapping in some brighter hues! Full of our favorite books from fashion to design to travel, we love creating a library full of inspiration that we can turn to as we start new projects! Scroll below for some of our favorite bookshelf styling tips and to shop our favorites as well as all of the tchotchkes sure to make your shelves smile!

Lay out your accessories!

A great tip to keep in mind when starting to style your shelves is to lay out all of your accessories either on the floor or a table so you have a good understanding of what you have on hand to work with. To take it one step further, we like to organize by color! We're personally not set on the "matchy-matchy" look as to us, the design magic is in the mix! With that said, we do like to group similar colors close by!

Start with the larger items first!

It can be overwhelming to stare at a bunch of blank shelves! Half the battle is finding a jumping off point. We've found it helpful to start with larger items such as decorative books or boxes so you can lay anchor pieces and create smaller pockets for accessorizing. Don't be afraid to stack your books both vertically and horizontally! Not only do they act as a great foundation for styling, they also allow you to create different levels on the shelves which is important for visual interest. 

Style with personal pieces & decorative accessories!

They're not just for your nightstand. Thrift shop finds, tchotchkes, and vintage accessories are the perfect finishing pieces for your bookshelf. Our flagship team has curated a beautiful assortment of decorative accessories and styling staples including a large assortment of picture frames and these fan-favorite butterfly tin plates. Our wicker candles and shell boxes always make the cut on our shelves! And if your shelves allow, we like to layer in small pieces of art as it helps draw your eye towards the back making the space appear larger and deeper.
Ps. If you couldn't tell, styling our shelves is a favorite team activity!

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