Our Top Tips for Styling Colorful Bookshelves 🌈

Filled with our favorite books from Palm Beach, to the French countryside, to the crystal clear waters of Capri, we love creating a library full of inspiration that we can turn to as we start new projects! See how we've refreshed our shelves with new summer soaked titles and shop the look here!
We know it may sound like a daunting task, but when it comes to restyling your shelves, step 1 always involves removing everything from the shelves! Not only does this give you a good understanding of what you have to work with, it also  allows you to weed out things that are no longer of interest so you can make room for new accessories.
We're personally not set on the "matcy-matchy" look as to us, the design magic is in the mix! With that said, when styling rainbow shelves, it's important to group similar colors close by to avoid an overly chaotic display! Before tackling the shelves, organize your books and decorative accessories by color either on the floor or a table -- either will do!
The first step in styling is to ground your bookcase. This can easily be achieved by placing larger items such as decorative books or boxes on each shelf -- this creates anchor pieces and smaller pockets for accessorizing. Don't be afraid to stack your books both vertically and horizontally. Not only do they act as a great foundation for styling, they also allow you to create different levels on the shelves which is important for visual interest. To keep everything looking clean, we like to pull the spines of the books to the very front edge of the shelves.
Don't forget to leave space for personal items! Thrift shop finds, tchotchkes and vintage accessories are the perfect finishing pieces that elevate your bookshelf from a storage staple to a work of art! Also, blooms, faux or fresh are another great way to tie your colors together,  and if your shelves allow, we like to lay in small pieces of art as it helps draw your eye towards the back making the space appear larger and deeper.

Our team has curated a beautiful assortment of decorative accessories in a plethora of colors you can pick and choose based on your color palette! Want the look? Click below to shop our shelves!

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