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New Collection Spotlight! Our Bridgehampton X-Stool Styled by Designer, Paloma Contreras

Meet the piece!

Our Bridgehampton X-Stool is an elegant study in texture and function. Varying shades of rattan split add interest and depth while versatile dimensions make this piece perfect for feet or as an extra seat. Add a tray and it transforms into a table. A new classic perfect for a living room, bedroom, entryway or office. 
Shown in Grade H: Les Touches Tan.

Meet Paloma!

Paloma Contreras, an award-winning interior decorator, tastemaker, and design blogger based in Houston, Texas. Paloma’s design sensibility is a modern take on traditional style, gravitating towards classic silhouettes and timeless pieces paired with a touch of glamour and an infusion of color. Paloma has honed her distinct eye for style through a decade in the design industry and a lifetime of appreciating beauty in all of its various forms. She has developed a reputation for designing beautiful interiors in a broad range of styles which are executed in a manner that is polished, refined, and effortless.

Paloma's 3 favorite designers:

Daniel Romualdez, Jeffrey Bilhuber and Michel Bonan

Paloma's Design Tip: 

Make it your mission to know and understand proper scale. Good proportions are everything!