How to Set Up the Perfect Home Bar.

How to Set Up the Perfect Home Bar 

Roxy joins Jonathan Adler in a chat with House Beautiful on her tips & tricks for setting up the perfect home bar. Scroll below for some at-home inspiration featuring our Sedgewick Bar Cart and read the full article on House Beautiful here.

"Adler & Owens agree that the best home bars go beyond just storage for booze and become places to express yourself with decor." As functional as a bar cart may be, it should also be a reflection of your personality. Don’t hesitate to include those quirky elements that make your design aesthetic unique!

Gather supplies!

Don't feel pressured to stock every last fancy schmancy liqueur or bitter. All you need are a few quality spirits to make the classics, a good set of cocktail tools (lime squeezer, muddler, strainer, mixing tin) and some interesting glassware.

Get organized!

Organization is key to having a perfectly curated and visually balanced bar. Use trays to help you divide things into zones and dedicate each zone to a specific essential, whether it's glassware, bottles, or your own brass menagerie. This keeps its contents neat and together. Style your smaller accessories like stirrers, straws, bottle openers, and wine stoppers in decorative bowls.

It's time to decorate!

Decorate your bar area with non-alcoholic decor like fresh flowers, small lamps, artwork, trays, coffee table books, and glassware. Garnishes and lemons or limes are also a great way to add a pop of color. Cloth cocktail napkins are a small touch that can go a long way and something you might already have at home that can be reused.

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Thank-you! I live your ideas on how to stock a bar. I just purchased a new home. I’m looking for the right bar set up to add in my living room space. . What are the top 4 Alchohol and
bottled wines would you purchase to serve on a bar.

Samantha March 24, 2020

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