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Dried Delights: Fall Floral Inspiration

The hydrangea, our favorite summertime flower, beloved for its versatility in color and billowing size, is also a popular bloom for dried arrangement decor. This fall, for our tablescape settings, we turned to dried hydrangeas which naturally give up their moisture in a chemical-free process. These gorgeous vintage hues inspired our fall tablescapes and holiday collection!

Get the look: Double Happiness Ginger Jar

When it comes to dried hydrangeas, there are a number of artisans on Etsy who sell stems and bouquets in a variety of colors and ship across the US and the globe! With that said, if hydrangeas grace your garden, why not go ahead and give it a try yourself?! Hydrangeas dry the best when you allow them to remain on the bush past their prime -- Timing is everything, so cutting them towards the end of the season, around late summer or even early fall is ideal. When the petals start to feel a bit papery and lose their suppleness, that's your cue! 

Using shears, cut the dried hydrangeas on an angle, leaving about 12-18" of stem. Remove the leaves and place the stems in vases of water (several inches so the stems are submerged). While they're drying in your house, you might as well enjoy them scattered throughout! Allow the water to evaporate from the vases as the flowers dry, and try to avoid natural sunlight. This process typically takes a few weeks to dry. 

Shown above: Mini Bud Vase

When the petals feel stiff, the hydrangeas have fully dried! They look lovely in a single bud vase arrangement, mixed into a holiday wreath, or as the centerpiece for a festive tablescape. Scroll below for styling inspiration and shop our favorite vases here

Pssst. We'll let you in on a secret! Our favorite floral hacks to pull off an over the top look is mixing gorgeous real flowers with high end florals, like our Faux Green Viburnum and Faux Green Hydrangea Arrangement shown above. No one will ever know!  

And if you love hydrangeas as much as we do, be sure to check out our stunning collection of Pressed Hydrangea Artwork, as seen below!