Creating a Curated Space With Designer, Sarah Hargrave

D E S I G N E R  S P O T L I G H T :

Meet Sarah:

Sarah Hargrave is the owner and lead designer of The Collective, a full service residential interior design firm and home decor boutique located in the East Dallas neighborhood of Lakewood. With over 10 years experience in construction and interior design, Sarah offers a very broad spectrum of capabilities to her clients. As her passion is vintage furniture, Sarah opened her first storefront in April of 2017, The Collective which houses an art gallery, custom furniture studio, vintage pieces from her travels, and a huge rug collection. Her goal with the shop remains the same today as when it was founded: design should be attainable for everyone and available to everyone because there is no more important place than home. 

We couldn't agree more! As curated and custom is the name of her game, we recently worked with Sarah to create two of our Austen Chairs in this stunning gazelle fabric she sourced specifically for a client's living room refresh. We're loving all of the pastels & prints from the lavender and light blues to the beautiful burlwood!

Sarah's Design Tips:

Always have something black in every room no matter how small. It's grounding and keeps a light and bright design humble.

There is nothing worse than a rug that's too small. Try your hardest to get all seating legs on top of the rug.

Framed, original artwork will always elevate a room. Buy pieces you love and that speak to you so they bring you joy every single time you pass through a space.

No matter your style - modern, midcentury, transitional, always incorporate antiques or vintage with new pieces. It creates a curated room and eliminates the feeling that your space is "staged."

Sarah's 3 Favorite Designers:

Mary McDonald (for her use of antiques and overall fabulousness), Shea McGee (for her work ethic and sunny disposition), Tobi Fairley (for her business sense and unrelenting focus on financials)

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Photography by Emery Davis Photography



Hi! Wondering if you design rooms. I’m not local but love your style!!

Ali Creagh October 13, 2019

Sarah’s shop is beautiful and a must see in Dallas. Her bright and creative artwork, stunning floral arrangements and beautiful Eliza candle selection round out her gorgeous style. Treat yourself!

Christine Reagan Loh September 17, 2019

Sarah is the best!

Teresa Rowe September 17, 2019

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