Chintz is Back 💐

Traditionalists & Grandmillennials rejoice. Chintz is back!

What started as a glazed Calico in the 1600's, Chintz has proven to be a trend that is continually reinvented as time progresses and styles evolve.  From Dorothy Draper's renovation of the Greenbrier in the 1960's to the many spaces designed by Mario Buatta, deemed the "Prince of Chintz," in the 1980's, it's clear that chintz is having a moment yet again-- in 2020.

Scroll below to see what your pillow pick says about you! Are you a true traditionalist at heart, a traditionalist with-a-twist, or a grandmillennial? 

1. For the "True Traditionalist"
 Available in 3 different color ways, the Althea pattern by Lee Jofa, quickly stole the hearts of the true traditionalists on our team.  Recolored in modern palettes such as citron, blush and celadon, these styles send us waves of nostalgia transporting us to the homes of our mothers and grandmothers! 
2. For the "Traditionalist With-a-Twist"
 Designed by renowned, architect, artist and designer, Josef Frank, Schumacher has reinvented his 1947 creation in a color palette that's sure to pack a punch!  Whimsical in nature, this pattern satisfies the desire for a more eclectic take on traditional.  Available in 3 different repeat styles, our pillows are sure to make a statement in your space. 

3. For the "Grandmillennial"
 One of our best selling patterns and pillows, Chinese Peony by Lee Jofa is the perfect pattern for the grandmillennial who is playing around with adding color and pattern into their space. Soft and subtle, and just a touch of granny chic, the versatility of this pattern is endless!
4. For the "Chinoiserie Lover"
 Believing that chintz is here to stay, two new patterns were added to our collection in partnership with designer, Ariel Okin. Chinoiserie, florals and soft color palettes are at the root of artist Dawn Wolfe's work.  The desire to incorporate her art in a functional way into the collection, the Charlie and the Susie pillows were born.

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