Our Top 4 Tips for a Beautifully Styled Bookcase

Bookshelves can be intimidating to style because there's a lot of space to cover which is why we're here to share a few of our go-to tips to keep in mind when styling your shelves. Whether they're built-ins or étagères like our Benny Rattan Bookcase, these foolproof tips will be sure to lay a road map for you!
1). Lay out your accessories:
A great tip to keep in mind when starting to style your shelves is to lay out all of your accessories either on the floor or a table so you have a good understanding of what you have on hand to work with.
2). Start with larger items first:
Start with the larger items first such as decorative books and use those as anchor pieces to create smaller pockets for accessorizing. They're also perfect for stacking and creating different levels on the shelves which is important for visual interest. We've found this method helps compartmentalize the bookshelf, making the styling process more seamless and less overwhelming!

3). Style with personal pieces & decorative accessories:
They're not just for your nightstand! Thrift shop finds, tchotchkes and vintage accessories are the perfect finishing pieces for your bookshelf. Shop some of our favorites from Society Social Charlotte here!

4). Add greenery:
Don't be afraid to bring the outdoors in! Fresh flowers and greenery are a perfect way to add a bit of color & height to your bookshelves. We're big fans of blue & white and love using ginger jars as decorative vases.

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