As Seen on Southern Living: Work from Home Resolutions

When your home doubles as so many spaces, it's important to try and keep some level of separation for sanity. So many of us have adjusted to the new work-from-home reality, we've realized the importance of keeping a dedicated and organized WFH set up. Our team is here to kick off the new year with a few of our go-to work from resolutions as seen on Southern Living to help keep you motivated and to help maintain a healthy work-life balance.
1). Set up a dedicated office space & fill it with things you love!
Having a dedicated space you can "clock into" in the morning and "check out" of after work hours is a must have. Not only does it allow you a dedicated space to focus, it creates separation between your work and home life. If you don't have a spare room to use, try your best to get creative -- set up a desk vignette in the corner of your bedroom or transform a section of your dining table into a home office by adding a table lamp, your computer monitor and some fresh flowers. A pretty space means more productivity in our opinion!

Melissa shares a closer look at our 5 work-from-home favorites!
2). Maintain regular hours.
This is another great tip when it comes to maintaining a work-life balance. Try your best to set a schedule and stick to it! If it helps, break your day into set hours or create a list of tasks to complete within a certain timeframe. 
3). Step away from your desk and take a lunch break. 
The perfect opportunity to break up the day and step away from your computer screen. And one of the perks from working at home is that you have your kitchen at your disposal. Say goodbye to packed lunches, instead use your lunch break to decompress a bit and whip up something a bit more interesting than your standard go-to meal.

Shown above: Picture Frames | Emerald Glazed Planter

4). Socialize with colleagues.
Loneliness can absolutely be a side effect in remote work life. Until now, you likely didn't realize how often you interacted with your coworkers in your office! Many companies have chat channels or Zoom team meetings & happy hour events to keep team morale up and to allow coworkers the opportunity to stay connected. At Society Social, since our team is not always together in one location, we use our Facebook Portals which allows us to video chat and see each-other face to face everyday! It truly feels like we're sitting in an office together. Peep our team below!

5). Take advantage of not having to commute!
Think of all the time you're saving not having to sit in traffic, ride the subway or a bus! Make the most of your "saved" time by doing something you enjoy, whether that be a workout, testing out a new recipe, catching up on a favorite show, walking the dog, etc. 

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