Layer It On. 5 Steps to a Feminine & Functional Console

Our Spring '21 Collection is an aptly timed celebration of femininity (hello Women's History month!) It's an unapologetic stand for all things pretty and a return to charming design. The Isla Cane Table, inspired by our best-selling Ming Console, features an intentional inset and brass plated foot caps for an extra layer of polish and style. Handwoven natural caning adorns her tabletop and offers a sense of casual warmth to a sleek and sophisticated silhouette. Scroll below for our step-by-step styling guide and to shop some of our new accessory arrivals as well as our wallpaper shop.
Step 1: Start with the grounding elements.
These will help you lay the foundation for styling! Here we’ve paired our new Isla Cane Table with this stunning Emperor's Garden Wallpaper in blush. We love the gorgeous array of peonies and cherry blossoms mixed with the exotic birds of paradise and the light and airy color palette composed of blush, ivory and rich greens -- it’s the perfect show-stopping backdrop. If you’re styling a console in an entryway, we like to layer in a rug for visual interest and to create a distinct walkway. Your guests will want to follow the welcoming runner right in!
Step 2: Decorate with books:
Not only are books a quick & easy way to infuse a little personality into the vignette, they’re also perfect for creating different levels on the console for accessorizing. This is important as it helps maintain visual interest. When it comes to selecting books, we like to pull in colors from the surrounding area, whether that be from a rug, wallpaper or a piece of art! It helps keep the look cohesive.
Step 3: Greenery or florals are a must!
Greenery adds a beautiful and organic look to any vignette. Here we opted for a preserved boxwood topiary in a rustic urn. This piece has been with me since my NY days when I purchased it at the beloved flower district in the city. What I love about this piece is that its generous size adds great height to the right side of the console and sets the height standard for the rest of styling. If we are not going for a symmetrical lamp look, we like to style with a substantial floral arrangement or topiary as it balances out a vignette.
Step 4: Layer on personal touches:

In our opinion, a house isn’t a home unless it is filled with memories. We love styling with picture frames as they’re an easy way to put your favorite photos on display and infuse a bit of warmth into your space. When it comes to frames, we like to mix and match! Here we’ve paired our Scalloped Wicker Picture Frame from our Spring ‘21 Collection with a Timeless Gold Frame and a rich Bamboo Frame.

Step 5: Don't forget function!

When styling a console, whether it be in an entryway or behind a sofa in a living room, we love to incorporate a table lamp (or two!) as well as a stool or ottoman. Not only does a table lamp offer ambient lighting, it is typically a great category to include when styling as it offers much needed height to avoid the look from flatting flat or one-dimensional. Plus, nothing exudes femininity quite like a pleated lampshade and we're loving this lilac shade from Sorella Glenn! If your console or table has an open base, we like to incorporate an ottoman or x-stool underneath as it can easily be tucked in or pulled out to be used as an extra seat.

And voila! Kick off your shoes and stay a while!

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