A Society Social Guide to Styling A Console Table

Styling a console table is all about creating meaningful moments at home that beautifully infuse personality and function into your space. From decorative books, to picture frames, to lamps for ambient lighting, we have all the accessories and styling tips needed to create a welcoming entryway or stunning vignette in the heart of your home. Scroll below for our top 5 styling tips!
1. Start with grounding elements.
When it comes to styling, we like to think of the end use of the piece as it will help you lay the foundation for styling. For example, will your console table live in your entryway? If so, we like to layer in a rug for visual interest and to create a distinct walkway. Your guests will want to follow the welcoming runner right in! Will your console serve as a buffet or bar in a dining room? Perhaps you'd like to ground the look with a decorative mirror to make the space feel larger or a stunning piece of art. Adding these initial elements will help dictate the direction for the rest of your vignette. 
2. Decorate with books.
Not only are books a quick and easy way to infuse a little personality into the vignette, they're also perfect for creating different levels on the console for accessorizing. Go on, stack a few titles! When it comes to selecting books, we like to pull in colors from the surrounding area, whether that be from a rug, wallpaper or a piece of art! It helps keep the look cohesive. If you're in need of some inspiration, be sure to checkout our Society Social Book Club assortment which is bursting with interior design selections whose pages are filled with the dreamiest homes!
3. Greenery or florals are a must!
Greenery adds a beautiful and organic look to any vignette. If we're not going for a symmetrical lamp look on either side of the console, we like to style the table with a substantial floral arrangement or topiary on one side as it helps balance out the height! Our team searched high and low and can confidently say these are the best faux florals you will ever see. No water needed!
4. Layer on personal touches. 
In our opinion, a house isn't a home unless it is filled with memories. We love styling with picture frames as they're an easy way to put your photos on display and infuse a bit of warmth into your space. When it comes to frames, we like to mix and match! And don't forget to add finishing touches that make your heart sing! We're talking about vintage blue & white ginger jars, antique brass candlestick holders, fancy french hens and chic shell boxes. 
5. Don't forget function!
When styling a console, whether it be in an entryway or behind a sofa in a living room, we love to incorporate a table lamp (or two!) as well as a stool or ottoman. Not only do table lamps offer ambient lighting, they're typically a great category to include when styling as they offer much needed height which helps the look from falling flat or one-dimensional. If your console has an open base, we like to pair it with an ottoman or stool underneath as these petite upholstery pieces can easily be tucked in or pulled out to be used as an extra seat when entertaining. Dog approved as well :)

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