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A Peek Inside The Rosé Mansion Where All the Influencers Are Going

Welcome to The Rosé Mansion, an adult playground and influencer's dream decked out with 14 colorful themed rooms, 8 unique ros é tastings, a disco ball pit and a swinging chair. After a few important business Monday morning, we we took a trip to the mansion for an afternoon filled with team bonding and all things ros é
The experience begins on the street of Midtown Manhattan when you enter a hot pink elevator that opens up to a vintage inspired airline lounge. 
After a short "flight safety video" you make your way through purple arches, dodging (or playing with!) oversized inflatable grapes where you claim your wine glass which will carry you through all 8 tastings.
Help yourself! Confetti like candy!
As you travel through the different themed rooms, you'll learn about the culture, history and science of this magical pink drink. For example, the Fermentation Room closely resembles a science lab featuring hot pink beakers and an oversized chalkboard outlining the fermentation process. At each room, guests are greeted with a rose wine tasting inspired by each theme.
The "Pursuit of Sweetness" Room felt like we had stepped into a real life game of Candy Land! In this interactive room, we followed a colorful floor flowchat to find our preferences for sweet or bitter flavors. We landed on sweet, semi-sweet and dry. Let's just say the 3 of us make a great team!
We love that The Rose Mansion believes in teamwork and partnered with a variety of artists to bring their vision to life. The majority of the rooms featured colorful murals or art installations by some very talented NYC locals. 

Can you tell this was our favorite room? We've always loved a green and pink moment but who knew we could be so excited about a rose petal soaker tub?

 After firing confetti out of an oversized cake (a la Katy Perry) we ended our trip in the Grand Tasting Lounge complete with a fully stocked rosé bar where we ordered a glass of our favorite wine of the tour.

It was not a typical Monday, that's for sure! The Rosé Mansion is now open through Sunday, October 7th at 445 Fifth Ave. For more info, visit their site here!