Remember this? Well, it all started over 2 years ago when the sweetest client asked if I had been on TV. For goodness knows why, she believed in me and soon after had set up meetings for me with Hollywood's biggest talent agencies. Like real life Entourage. I couldn't believe it! By an act of the heavens above and out of the kindness of a new friend who I shall forever be indebted to, CAA was interested in working with me. One of the other agencies that shall go unnamed, did everything short of laugh at me and told me to "come back when I have a real business." That felt great. Actually, it really did. They were so rude, it was laughable. Maybe one day I will get to have a Pretty Woman moment with the agent who discounted me from the get go. I will let you know how that goes ;)Fast forward to now and countless meetings and denials in between, my brother San San and I are so grateful to be working with team that made the previous "no's" totally worth it. Said team not only amazingly believes in us but also has incredible experience producing shows some of you watch everyday. I've been told I will be in deep trouble if I share names so until I can, I would so greatly appreciate all the good juju you have got to spare! Thousands of reels, development videos, and even pilots never make it so to say our potential show is a long shot is an understatement. The odds are stacked!

We've already filmed once but for our next "audition," they are coming over to NC, right here in Newton! My brother and I will be helping our dear longtime friends re-do their living room as a brother and sister team! We've tapped into some local (and wonderful!) businesses to help and filming starts in November...if all things go as planned, which they seldom do! I can't wait to introduce you to the couple and the project next week! Thank you always for your kind words and for sharing endless encouragement and support. :)