A Day with Drew Barrymore

A few months ago I had the utmost delight of spending a day with Drew Barrymore. Yes, that Drew! Drew just launched a new line of Blue Light Glasses and invited a group of women entrepreneurs to be a part of the photoshoot-- it was such a thrill and honor to be included! 
"For this launch, we chose an incredible group of entrepreneurs we admire to model our new Flower by Drew blue light frames. These women all work so hard to run their businesses and we are proud to highlight them in this campaign that I couldn’t be more excited to share!"
IG isn't great at reminding us that owning a business (and life in general!) is more hustle than glory. This year has thrown us more hurdles than we can count or could have anticipated. To have a day of pure fun, full of glamorous makeup and hair, pretty clothes, lights, cameras and cocktails, and to be surrounded by warm, happy, lovely, kind people cheering you on is a pretty great treat! I cannot thank the Flower by Drew team enough for this and for putting a much needed spotlight on strong, ambitious women working to leave their positive mark on the world! 

Flower By Drew blue light glasses are designed to reduce fatigue, block ultra-violet rays and 40% of blue light rays that come from the screens we all know and love. Shout out to the other women involved, Sakara Life, Tribes of Joseph, Flourshop, Book Nowaday, and all you worker bees out there grinding it out every day!

Scroll for a few BTS shots of our day with Drew and the official NYC launch party this past week!

The shoot was at Drew's NYC apartment.
She and her team were the most gracious hosts and busted out the bubbly and a more than proper lunch!
They said the goal was to make us feel "wined and dined" and that was definitely the case! For those of you unfamiliar, this is our amazing Melissa! Austen calls her "Sa-Sa." She was our very first hire back in our Soho Spring Street days :) We've had such fun growing this incredible team of ours and consider ourselves lucky every day! We were instructed to come ready in hair, make-up, and outfits. My top is from Zara and my pink pants from Sezane. I liken the last brand to the French J.Crew! Before lights, camera, action, there was a bevy of accessories to choose from! Drew's team chose these fancy silvery earrings!Before I could blink the cameras started clicking away!  And to no surprise, Drew was the ultimate pro bringing all the poses, at least 52 per second LOL. Imagine trying to keep up with someone who has been in front of a camera since she was a child. No pressure! But she was as kind and down to earth as could be and one of us was clearly more excited than the other.
Hello, biggest smile on the planet. Last week Flower by Drew Blue Light Glasses launched and our team was delighted to attend the launch festivities in New York City!We ordered all the Fait de Fleurs......and enjoyed another day of celebrating each other and toasting to all the work that's been done and all the "work" left to do! Thank you team Drew and to you for cheering us on!

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I absolutely love your business!

I always look forward to seeing the beautiful designs in your emails.

Best of luck, and many blessings to all of you❤

Lilie Manes March 10, 2020

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