Society Social x Susan Gordon, A Match Made in Ceramic Heaven!

Our team is thrilled to announce that we have joined forces with Susan Gordon, artist and president of Susan Gordon Pottery, to create the decorative bowl of our ceramic dreams.  As two teams who are always focused on creating quality, one-of-a-kind products, the duo was bound to create a piece that reflected just that - one of a kind. 
Having admired Susan from afar and originally carrying her products in our flagship, we were thrilled when a casual conversation on Instagram turned into a new friendship.  Rooted in two women-owned businesses navigating the ever-changing waters during COVID-19, both Susan & Roxy recognized that now was the time to get the creative juices flowing and to serve their followers, YOU! with fresh, fun and modern ideas. The result-- the most gorgeous hand-made and hand-painted, limited edition piece that is truly a work of art! 
Roxy and Susan worked closely together to bring their vision to life! The design & color palette was inspired by the iconic Les Touches fabric in both team's signature blue colorway with the signature spot gracing the interior of the bowl with a classic french blue wash on the exterior.  The final touch- a rim adorned with low fire 22K gold luster overglaze!
By the time a piece has finished production in Susan's studio, it has been touched by the hands of 5 skilled artists.  Each individual plays a crucial role in creating the hand-made shape and hand-painted design resulting in a piece that is a one of a kind work of art! 
How do I purchase?
Launching this Sunday, September 27th, the special piece will be available for purchase in limited quantities and exclusively on our website and at our flagship store.  The perfect gift for a loved one or yourself, this functional beauty is ready to make a statement in your home! 
Meet Susan! 
Susan Gordon, artist and president of Susan Gordon Pottery, is truly a creator at heart. Dedicated to bringing timeless beauty into everyday life, Susan takes her love of clay and commitment to lifelong pieces to set the tone for her journey with ceramics. Susan will tell you, once she is able to get clay into her hands a conversation begins as the clay responds to her movements, keeping classic taste at the core of her designs. This ability to mold a conversation into a creation has helped grow her collection to decorative pieces, dinnerware, serveware, jewelry, and so much more.


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