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A Behind the Scenes Look and Note From Roxy on Our Latest Collection

 A  N O T E  F R O M  R O X Y :

The first time I stumbled upon Ariel Okin's work it was the sight of gorgeous blue grasscloth, a simple raffia desk, crisply piped upholstery, and traditionalist touches of blue and white that stopped me in my tracks (peek her portfolio above!) She had put a beautiful, fresh spin on the classics, a mission that has always been at the heart of what we do at Society Social. We connected in the modern way, via Instagram, chatting about everything from motherhood to design, and soon after the idea of our collection was born.

Pictured above: Ariel's mood board for our collection.

As we got to work, we realized how equally passionate we were about bringing traditional design and stylish, affordable customization to new generations. We also agreed that the marketplace has been saturated with and catered to stark midcentury modern and minimalist furnishings for far too long. 2019 saw a strong return to traditionalist design and the new "Grandmillennial" aesthetic - millennials devoted to classic design who also embrace social media in the 21st century with forward thinking attitudes. They want soul and personality. So for 2020, we set our sights on the goal of creating offerings for the consumer who has an appreciation for good design and a reverence for traditional with a modern, contemporary twist. For the customer who loves a fresh take on the classics and likes to implement fun, colorful and playful spins for a look that evokes home - cozy, inviting, warm, clean, and fresh. 

Pictured above: Roxy works closely with our family-owned factories over the course of a few months, drafting up sketches, choosing materials, and perfecting dimensions and design.

Watch the video below to see how our pieces are made!

9 months in the making and we’re so excited to finally introduce you to our collection. Browsing through our 7 designs, you’ll find silhouettes inspired by history updated in pops of color and all our favorite materials: wicker, grasscloth, and rattan. Everything from an upholstered sofa inspired by Tory Burch's restoration of Bunny Mellon's legendary Antigua estate, to a coffee table with Karl Springer nostalgic vibes, and a rattan bookcase handmade of rattan poles heated in an oven to bend just so at the perfect angles.  It all comes together for a beautiful balance of relaxed and refined, collected yet sophisticated. 
When it came to choosing a photoshoot location, we thought our new home would serve as the perfect backdrop. After all, a beautiful life starts at home. Come on in and welcome home!

We had big plans to debut our collection in New York City the weekend of April 17th with a series of parties, pop-ups, editor breakfasts, and panels. Instead of postponing the collection's launch until the worst of COVID-19 was over, we turned to IG to ask our followers to vote for their favorite virtual events. Although the current circumstances posted a challenge, both of our teams got creative! For our Press & Designer Previews, we hosted Zoom conferences and for our dedicated IG followers, we hosted an IG Live inside Roxy's home with the new collection and shared an up-close look of the collection on our IGTV here!

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