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6 Ways To Update Your Decor With Pillows!

I get it! In the same way you crave to update your wardrobe with the change of the seasons, you feel your home needs the same love as well!! I’ve come up with a fun and affordable solution to freshen up your living space without breaking the bank. Here I’ve styled 6 different pillow variations with the same velvet sofa, crisp white ottoman and natural rug to demonstrate how simple yet effective this style tip is!
To maintain visual balance, pair a large scale print such as our Beverly Palm Pillow with a smaller scale print like our “Africa” by Inslee pillow
Navy is the perfect color for any sofa in that it's neutral and goes with a variety of color combinations! This subtle backdrop really allows your accent pillows to pop!
It’s always a great idea to pair a patterned pillow with a solid one. Not only does this method bring more color into the room, it creates visual calmness and eases the eye!
Bring on the color! We truly believe that a brighter home is a happier one! 
Jewel tones are great for fall! I mean, how gorgeous do these vibrant green and turquoise pillows look together?!
Don’t be afraid to mix patterns! A natural rug provides you with the perfect opportunity to add visual excitement to your sofa. Even though there are so many gorgeous natural rugs to choose from, we’re big fans of our Sparrow Jute Rug's geometric pattern.