5 Spaces I Love Series: Alexandra Eads

Meet Society Social CLT Flagship Home Decor Buyer, Alexandra Eads!

For the effervescent Alexandra, design is a family affair. Her Italian grandpa owned a luxury decorating company in New York City, so sumptuous silks, plush velvets, and tantalizing tassels occupy her earliest memories. As a child, she loved watching him and her mom meticulously decorate their homes, and their attention to detail allowed her to grow up understanding and appreciating an emphasis on interior design. Of course, her Irish Nana's love affair with lace curtains would forever imbue her style with a sense of whimsy, as well.

This early foundation in design drove Alexandra to pursue a background in art, fashion, beauty and styling. After draping her childhood friends in self-styled Spice Girls couture, she went on to become a docent at an art gallery; assistant and stylist for the two clean-lined masterminds behind Proenza Schouler; and develop marketing and merchandising skills at Sephora Corporate. Always attentive to the idiosyncratic flare and distinct architecture of her surroundings, Alexandra's style has been influenced by her time living in Florence, New York City, and San Francisco, and, in non-pandemic times, she loves traveling -- gathering eclectic styles and tastes from all around the world. She is happy to have started her new adventure in Charlotte and to have found her place at Society Social - a beautiful home in itself, and one which allows her to get back into the creative field. She is newly married and just bought her first house, and she's excited to finally have a blank canvas to create a space all her own.

We are absolutely thrilled to have Alexandra as a part of our bright & bubbly team. As stepping into one's "dream home" is a great way to get to know more about their personal style, we asked Alexandra to roundup photos of her 5 favorite spaces of all time. As you can see through her love affair of wallpaper, tassels and florals below, she is truly a natural fit here at Society Social! 

"My interior design style has most accurately been described by those who know me as 'tipsy grandmillennial chic,' a term that I love dearly! This is because, like most grandmillennials, I have an affinity for the traditional, but taken to the extreme. I love mixing textures and prints, sumptuous silks, plush velvets, tantalizing tassels and all the rest, but what really sends me straight into outer space is when those ultra feminine elements are juxtaposed with darker, less sweet and sometimes even surprising elements, such as color or 'too many' conflicting patterns (if there even is such a thing!). In my mind, when we're talking about dream spaces, they are over-the-top, lavish, decadent, opulent and there is no such thing as less is more!"
1. Hannah Cecil Gurney's London Kitchen, Bar and Dining Room
"I'm so in love with this magical kitchen and dining room. The juxtaposition of ultra feminine, delicate elements with the deep and almost shocking pops of color is mesmerizing. From the hand painted wallpaper, to the scalloped velvet bench, floral patterned chairs and gilded bar, I feel like I'm transported to the luxurious and sophisticated magical fairyland of my dreams."
2. Henry and Co Design Brooklyn Showhouse Dressing Room
"I've always been obsessed with the idea of having my own dressing room and closet. The lattice work is incredible and I love the variety and depth of the patterns and textures - the lattice work! The velvet! The fringe! - All to die for. It's ultra fem and classic, with a bright and soothing color scheme, and a pop of modern photography!"
3. The Colony Hotel Living Room
"I recently had the magnificent pleasure of visiting The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach and it's pretty difficult to not fall in love with their iconic living room, designed by Celerie Kemble and owner, Sarah Wetenhall. I love how it is decorated in such a way that is both opulent and playful. The luxurious velvet petal chairs and scalloped bench, mixed with the exquisite peacock chairs and the whimsical, albeit lavish, hand-painted De Gournay wallpaper - you're transported to an exotic  paradise, which is exactly what you want when on vacation!"
4. The LaVerne Suite at The Commodore Perry Auberge
"Am I obsessed with wallpaper? Yes, I'd say I am! I've dreamt of having a canopy bed for as long as I can remember and I've been dying to decorate a room with wallpaper that extends from the walls to the ceiling. I also love the juxtaposition of the heavily patterned room with the bright and airy bathroom. More is more, imo, and this room has a lot going on, in the best way!"
5. Bitty Bromley "Les Jardin des Perroquets"
"This bedroom, designed by Brittany Bromley, is exploding with luxury from the intricate De Gournay wallpaper to the buttery velvet and tassel sofa. Ultra fem and sophisticated, I envision the only appropriate outfit to wear in this dream room would be a silk nightgown with these feather slippers."

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