5 Approachable Ways to Bring Spring Into Your Home  

Somewhere over these last few weeks while we've had our heads buried in the launch of a new collection, the closing of our flagship store, and creatively thinking of ways to combat this trying climate, the actual climate transitioned amidst the craze and winter faded into spring. In North Carolina, the flowers began to bloom, the leaves on the trees began to emerge, the mosquitoes started to make their unfriendly arrival and life as seen through the eyes of Mother Nature has progressively moved forward, right on schedule.

We'd be remiss not to recognize that the weather is working strongly to our advantage. Consider being house-bound in the dead of winter...It could really be so much worse. In an effort to thank the seasons for changing and for bringing about a sense of normalcy, our team has rounded up 5 ways to bring spring into your home!  Whether it's through a new piece of furniture or some fresh flowers, it's the simpler things in life that are brightening our days!  

1. Fresh Flowers. Bring nature inside!   
Whether it is a bouquet of wildflowers or ones you've been spending days cultivating, arrange them in a vase and share them with your family or your friends. It's the best time of year, why not embrace it at every turn inside and out!
2. Bring the warmth of spring into your home through natural materials and fresh fabrics! 
Something tells us that you've been spending quite a lot of time in the kitchen these days. Our Montecito Rattan Counterstools are new to our line and have added warmth to Roxy's kitchen featured here. Upholstered in a high performance fabric (Performance Denim Linen), this is a welcome change that the whole family can enjoy! 
3. Pour yourself a drink! 
While on site shooting the launch of our new collection, many a drink was concocted, but our favorite emerged out of ingredients that we had readily available in the house! One proud favorite of our team is our Rose Spritzer. Grab your favorite bottle of rose, mix in some bubbles, add a splash of bitters (we recommend lavender) and garnish with a lemon slice! Refreshing at it's finest! 
4. Spring for something special!
Ok, so maybe doing your makeup and hair is too much right now, we get it.  We're all trying to "let our skin breathe," but why not put on a pretty new piece of jewelry!  Something bright, sparkly and sure to grab the attention of your co-workers in your Zoom meeting. We're currently loving these beautiful earrings by Loren Hope - they're from her new spring collection!  Paired with a simple white blouse and jeans, you'll instantly feel revived. 
5. Give spring cleaning a whole new meaning!
Spring cleaning is truly having its *moment* right now!  While our team can fully support getting organized and eliminating clutter, we can also appreciate a good new and fun decorative item. Let's face it--we love a tchotchke. While the rest of the world is cleaning out their closets, we're over here rearranging our bookshelves and restyling our coffee tables. Check out flagship's 'gram or our website for tons of fun new additions to give your surfaces a good refresh! We particularly love these cute spring hens!

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